Kristine Nemec Cedar Falls February 20, 2016 9:28 am

I am looking for information on how to create brochures that incorporate social norms or normative language. I am incorporating CBSM principles into my program, such as conducting surveys and focus groups of the target audience that would use the program to identify barriers and benefits, but in the meantime I also need to update my general program brochure and would like to create a "normative brochure." The program I manage is Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management, a voluntary program for Iowa counties in which they plant native vegetation in roadside ditches, improving water quality and providing wildlife habitat. I think it would be effective to include a map in the brochure showing the number of counties that do participate, but am also looking for tips in general for creating effective brochures that incorporate social norms.

Kristine Nemec
United States