Unknown January 16, 2019

I am writing to request your assistance. As you know, the Fostering Sustainable Behavior website is used by professionals and government employees who are working to develop behaviour change programs in the area of environmental sustainability (and increasingly in the areas of health and public safety). I am hoping to hire a small number of students as research assistants, whose role will be to help Doug and I update and build on the resources sections of the FSB website. We are prioritizing our focus in the areas of health and public safety. This work will involve:

- conducting lit. searches for relevant academic articles, governmental and non-governmental reports, and case studies; and
- writing up case study summaries.

We are interested in hiring individuals for the next 3-5 months (# of hours per week can be negotiated based on the students availability). The individual must be reliable, able to work independently, and have strong writing skills.

RAs will be paid at a rate of $18 CAD per hour.

The role offers flexibility, as the work can be conducted when and where the individual chooses in their weekly routine.

If you know a student (or students) who you would recommend for this role, and who you believe may be interested in this work opportunity, could you please share this message with them? I appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Best, Sue

Sue McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D.
McKenzie-Mohr & Associates