A Knowledge-Based Intervention for Promoting Carpooling

Kearney, A. R., & De Young, R. (1995). A knowledge-based intervention for promoting carpooling. Environment and Behavior, 27, 5, 650-678.

Investigated the impact of a story-based intervention on employees' knowledge and attitudes about, and stated willingness to adopt carpooling. A total of 645 employees at 5 sites participated. The story-based intervention was compared to a fact-based intervention and to a control. Results indicate that individuals who received information, whether in story or factual format, felt more comfortable with their carpool knowledge and felt that they had adequate knowledge to guide them in discussions and problem solving regarding carpooling. Furthermore, the more interesting text was associated with greater perceived knowledge, and increased willingness to try carpooling. The interventions had no significant impact on attitudes. It is concluded that the data support the notion that information has an impact on knowledge.

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