Applying Social and Traditional Marketing Principles to the Reduction of Household Waste: Turning Research into Action

Shrum, L. J., Lowrey, T. M., & McCarty, J. A. (1995). Applying social and traditional marketing principles to the reduction of household waste: Turning research into action. American Behavioral Scientist, 38, 4, 646-657.

Provides an overview of past research on household waste management, particularly research that pertains to recycling and to buying green. Buying green is defined as purchasing goods in reduced packaging, buying recyclable goods, and buying goods made from recycled materials. Social marketing principles are discussed, and suggestions are made as to how past research might be used to increase recycling behavior in communities. Traditional marketing strategy and tactics are discussed in the context of selling products based on pro-environment positionings or attributes, and suggestions are offered on how past research on green buying can be used to encourage such buying practices. It is suggested that marketers should spend time trying to figure out why there is a discrepancy between consumers' stated willingness to buy and actual purchase of green products.

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