Social Meaning and Social Context of Environmentally-Relevant Behavior: Shopping, Wrapping, and Disposing

Hormuth, S. E. (1999). Social meaning and social context of environmentally-relevant behavior: Shopping, wrapping, and disposing. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 19, 3, 277-286.
Presents an eco-psychological approach to environmentally-relevant behavior, taking into account the person-environment relationship, its social and physical elements, and the soc…

The Relationship Between Environmental Activism, Pro-Environmental Behaviour and Social Identity

Dono, J., Webb, J., & Richardson, B. (2009). The relationship between environmental activism, pro-environmental behaviour and social identity. Journal of Environmental Psychology, XX(X) (available online), 1-9.
Research on environmental activism remains poorly integrated and ill-defined and to date, there has been little examination of the relationship of environmental activism, pro-envi…

Gallup Poll Shows Americans Buy Recyclable Containers

Modern Brewery Age (1988). Gallup poll shows Americans buy recyclable containers. Modern Brewery Age,

Recycling, Yes: Buying Recyclables? Well...

Bertrand, K. & Lawler, E. O. (1990). Recycling, yes: Buying recyclables? Well.... Business Marketing, 75, 11, 30,32.

Consumers Get Tough with Packaging

Erickson, G. (1988). Consumers get tough with packaging. Packaging, June,

The Effects of Videotape Modeling and Daily Feedback on Residential Electricity Conservation, Home Temperature and Humidity, Perceived Comfort, and Clothing Worn: Winter and Summer

Winett, R. A., Hatcher, J. W., Fort, T. R., Leckliter, I. N., Love, S. Q., Riley, A. W., & Fishback, J. F. (1982). The effects of videotape modeling and daily feedback on residential electricity conservation, home temperature and humidity, perceived comfort, and clothing worn: Winter and summer. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 15, 3, 381-402.
Two studies were conducted in all-electric residences in the winter ( n = 83) and summer ( n = 54) to ascertain how energy conservation strategies focusing on the thermostat cha…

Shoppers Favor Recycled Paperboard

Recycling, R. (1986). Shoppers favor recycled paperboard. Resource Recycling, March/April,

Promoting Source Reduction and Recyclability in the Marketplace: A Study of Consumer and Industry Response to Promotion of Source Reduced, Recycled, and Recyclable Products and Packaging

Kashmanian, R. M. (1989). Promoting source reduction and recyclability in the marketplace: A study of consumer and industry response to promotion of source reduced, recycled, and recyclable products and packaging. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC.

Applying Social and Traditional Marketing Principles to the Reduction of Household Waste: Turning Research into Action

Shrum, L. J., Lowrey, T. M., & McCarty, J. A. (1995). Applying social and traditional marketing principles to the reduction of household waste: Turning research into action. American Behavioral Scientist, 38, 4, 646-657.
Provides an overview of past research on household waste management, particularly research that pertains to recycling and to buying green. Buying green is defined as purchasing go…

Predicting Purchase Intentions for an Environmentally Sensitive Product

Alwitt, L. F., & Pitts, R. E. (1996). Predicting purchase intentions for an environmentally sensitive product.. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 5, 1, 49-64.
Expressions of positive attitudes toward the environment are only weakly related to the consumption of alternatives to products that are environmentally (EVY) unfriendly. Yet, soc…

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