Solarize campaigns: Harnessing the power of the crowd

Julie Cook Kitchener May 13, 2024 12:51 pm
Hi all,   Solar is expanding much more quickly than all other energy technologies in history, which is encouraging to see in the face of the global climate crisis. As part of this…

Home energy reports that are actually interesting

Julie Cook Kitchener Apr 22, 2024 12:50 pm
Hi all,   You may have heard of Opower, an American company that provides a customer engagement platform for utilities. They were acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2016. Anyway, O…

How to incentivize comprehensive home energy retrofits

Julie Cook Kitchener Apr 8, 2024 13:00 pm
Hi all,   Even with the growing climate crisis and the rising cost of living, it is still a challenge to convince homeowners to retrofit their homes to be more energy efficient. T…

Looking for Effective Programs Related to Energy, Transportation or Climate Change (including food waste or water conservation)

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Feb 13, 2024 16:02 pm
Do you know of a particularly effective or innovative approach for promoting behaviors related to energy, transportation, other climate change mitigation (e.g. food waste reductio…

Why has the Canada Greener Homes Initiative been so successful?

Julie Cook Kitchener Feb 8, 2024 18:47 pm
Hi all,    Food and energy prices have risen significantly in the past few years, sending the cost of living soaring all over the world. It is evident that citizens are looking fo…

Wind Farm Co-Ownership

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 25, 2024 15:01 pm
What if you want to move away from gas and oil, but rent, are about to move, or can’t afford solar panels? If your energy supplier has not already pledged to go green, you have fe…

Weatherization and Air Source Heat Pumps Incentive programs

Gene Hanlon Lincoln Apr 29, 2022 16:39 pm
I'm looking for examples of communities or utilities sustainable energy programs that have used CBSM to encourage homeowners to weatherize their home as well as purchasing a high …
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Solarize Boosts Installations and Transforms Solar Markets Across America

Solarize first came to life in 2009 when a Portland resident interested in installing solar power recruited neighbors to join them in “going solar” to get a volume discount. Once …

Solarize Boosts Installations and Transforms Solar Markets Across America – new Landmark behavior change case study posted.

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 28, 2022 16:51 pm
“Solarize Boosts Installations and Transforms Solar Markets Across America” has been designated a Landmark behavior change case study and added to the collection of over 200 behav…
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Girl Scouts GLEE Program

To promote the reduction of home energy consumption and energy use related to food and transportation, Girl Scouts created the Girls Learning Energy and Environment Program (GLEE)…
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