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Jay Kassirer Ottawa January 28, 2022
“Solarize Boosts Installations and Transforms Solar Markets Across America” has been designated a Landmark behavior change case study and added to the collection of over 200 behavior change case studies available at www.toolsofchange.com. Tools of Change Landmark case studies are peer-selected to recognize behavior change programs and approaches that are among the most successful, innovative, replicable and adaptable in the world. For information on our case study nomination process go to www.toolsofchange.com/en/landmark/. The next deadline for nominating programs is June 6, 2022. 
Solarize is a group purchase program designed to simplify and reduce the cost of investing in solar energy. The campaign organizes a volunteer committee of residents to competitively select a solar installer who agrees to set pricing. At a series of free educational workshops participants can learn about the technology, incentives, and financing options. Interested, participants can then sign up for a free site assessment and are guaranteed the Solarize price, if they sign a contract within the campaign timeline. Customers can save as much as 25% of the total cost of installation. This approach enables grassroot and other solar advocates to build motivation and engagement over time, reduce key barriers to action, convert “interest” into “action”, and permanently transform the market for solar installations in their communities. Resulting installations generated 62,000,000 kWh of clean energy supply each year. https://toolsofchange.com/en/case-studies/detail/746