Nominations for Landmark designation of (1) transportation behavior programs and (2) behavioral building energy conservation programs – ONLY ONE MONTH LEFT before nominations close.

Jay Kassirer Ottawa May 04, 2021 02:51 PM
Do you know of a particularly effective or innovative approach for promoting more sustainable travel or energy use behaviours? Your own program? Nominate it for Landmark designati…

Two New Landmark Travel Behavior Case Studies – “City of Austin’s Leave Time Travel Incentive” and “Seattle’s Just One Trip Phase II”

Jay Kassirer Ottawa March 08, 2021 03:00 PM
Tools of Change has published two new open-access, full-length, Landmark Travel behavior change case studies. Our Landmark case studies are peer-selected to recognize behavior cha…

BART Perks Phase II - Transit Peak Demand Shifting Case Study Posted on Tools of Change

Jay Kassirer Ottawa May 21, 2020 02:12 PM
BART Perks Phase II used a Smartphone-based platform to incentivize shifts in public transit trips that reduced peak demand. The approach proved cost-effective relative to the ave…

Call for Nominations 2020: (1) Travel Behavior Programs and (2) Behavioral Building Energy Conservation Programs

Jay Kassirer Ottawa April 30, 2020 02:09 PM
Do you know of a particularly effective or innovative approach for changing travel or energy use behaviours? Yours? Nominate it for Landmark designation. Designation as a “Landmar…

"Stay on the Ground" Reduces Air Travel, Increases Train Use

Jay Kassirer Ottawa February 09, 2020 04:54 PM
"Stay on the Ground" is the most effective approach to-date at shifting air travel to train travel, and also at promoting the sale of carbon offsets for airplane travel, this appr…

Personalized Smartphone Messaging and Incentives Shift Travel Patterns in Landmark Case Study

Jay Kassirer Ottawa February 09, 2020 04:54 PM
Bologna’s Bella Mossa program has been awarded Landmark designation by our peer selection panel. This program awarded participants points for walking, cycling or using public tran…

Capitol Hill In Motion and Chicagos Go Program Earn Landmark Designation

Jay Kassirer Ottawa January 26, 2018 11:51 AM
The annual Landmark peer-selection process organized by Tools of Change has designated two additional programs that promote active and sustainable transportation behaviors. (1) C…

Reducing Reliance of Single Occupancy Vehicles

Unknown September 18, 2017 02:33 AM
Hi all I am currently working on my final year project which is on based on the topic "Solution to reducing increase reliance on Single occupancy vehicle at Unitec". So my main…

Feb. 24 Webinar:Playa Vista's Ability2Change TDM program

Jay Kassirer Ottawa January 25, 2017 09:05 AM
Playa Vista's Ability2Change program is a great example of a targeted, strategic approach to transport behavior change. It features careful market segmentation and barrier removal…

Sustainable Behaviour Programmes which have Complemented new Public Transport

P Somes Melbourne May 11, 2016 04:33 PM
In Melbourne (Australia), the Government is removing rail level crossings, with many train stations being rebuilt. There is also a train extension, with three new stations in oute…

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