Anyone used mascots in idling interventions?

Lauren Maris Red Deer Nov 5, 2013 11:27 am
We are working on a campaign to encourage people to reduce idling, and are considering using a mascot or character to help us deliver the idle free message when approaching idling…

Idling Tool Kit Blog

Unknown Nov 19, 2010 13:44 pm
This new blog provides everything you need to develop and implement a local or regional idling awareness campaign including marketing and program plans, graphics, sample letters, …

Developing three DriveWiser Posters for the public

Therese Bombardier Dartmouth Jun 16, 2010 15:19 pm
DriveWiser is a fuel efficiency program; educating people on how to save GHGs and money by changing driving practices, vehicle maintenance and buying for fuel efficiency. I'm …

Communicating the Anti-Idling Message

Gina Sutherland Calgary Jan 25, 2010 18:51 pm
My company is considering launching an anti-idling campaign that uses in-vehicle prompts and I would appreciate input from anyone who has done something similiar. The prompts we'r…

Transportation Data Request

Peter Zalka Charleston Dec 3, 2009 15:51 pm
Hi All, The City of Charleston Green Committee is presenting its "Green Plan" for sustainable practices and greenhouse gas reduction to city council for adoption on December 15…

Vehicle Idling Awareness Efforts

Unknown Sep 6, 2009 21:35 pm
Encouraging people to turn off the vehicle engines to conserve fuel takes a multi-tiered campaign (TV and newspaper stories, flyers, signage, in schools, to businesses, etc). I am…

CBSM & Transportation

Cathy Aspen Lethbridge May 11, 2009 17:24 pm
Hello All, I am conducting a literature search on past and present efforts in regards to transportation. We have not narrowed down on our particular behaviour but are look at po…

PSAs for Reduced Idling

Kevin Downing Portland Mar 11, 2009 11:47 am
On behalf of Alison Riley of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. The Air Management Services group there is conducting an anti-idling outreach campaign in conjunction w…

Looking for CO2 Emission Examples

jeff hoy Nanaimo Feb 26, 2009 0:24 am
I am presenting a paper to a class and I have to relate to the audience how much 2000 meteric tonnes of CO2 is ie. a car running for 5 days straight type of thing. Can anyone l…

Idling Research

Felix Acker Melbourne Feb 17, 2009 22:47 pm
Dear All, looking through the information on idling, including many of the links that have been supplied in these forums by other members in the past, I cannot help but notice th…

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