Therese Bombardier Dartmouth June 16, 2010

DriveWiser is a fuel efficiency program; educating people on how to save GHGs and money by changing driving practices, vehicle maintenance and buying for fuel efficiency.

I'm creating three different poster that will be distributed to schools, dealerships, auto shops, etc. in the near future.

I'm wondering whether to develop three separate posters, each focusing on a different subject, ie. driving, maintenance, buying. This option would benefit people who only wanted specific information on one or more subject.


to develop three posters that offers one tip from from each subject. For example one poster would include a driving tip, maintenance tip and buying tip. But each poster would of different from the other.

I'm looking for opinions, feedback and any helpful information on creating fuel efficiency posters.

Thanks in advance,


Therese Bombardier
DriveWiser Program Officer
Clean Nova Scotia