Switzerland’s bike to work campaign: Fun, easy, and popular

Julie Cook Kitchener May 13, 2024 12:41 pm
Hi all,   The social marketing discipline has long held this truism that sustainable behaviours should be fun, easy, and popular. Switzerland’s bike to work campaign is all of tho…

Climate smart choices: Shifting traveller behaviour from planes to trains

Julie Cook Kitchener Apr 15, 2024 13:18 pm
Hi all,   I’m sure most of you are aware that changing flying behaviour is important for reaching global climate goals, and that one way to do that is to substitute flights with t…

Shared streets: Designing vibrant and inclusive public spaces

Julie Cook Kitchener Mar 25, 2024 13:17 pm
Hi all,    Shared streets have been on the rise in urban cities around the world over the past fifteen years and provide many benefits to municipalities who decide to take this ro…

Looking for Effective Programs Related to Energy, Transportation or Climate Change (including food waste or water conservation)

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Feb 13, 2024 16:02 pm
Do you know of a particularly effective or innovative approach for promoting behaviors related to energy, transportation, other climate change mitigation (e.g. food waste reductio…

Proffers for New Development in Fairfax County, Virginia

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 25, 2024 15:04 pm
Fairfax County established Transportation Demand Management (TDM) requirements (“proffers”) for new development that would have significant traffic impacts. For buildings within t…

Smart Trips Austin

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 25, 2024 14:54 pm
Smart Trips Austin encourages residents to take multi-modal transportation options more often through personal interactions that educate and overcoming barriers. Smart Trips reinf…

Liftshare and Mobilityways, UK

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 25, 2024 14:48 pm
The United Kingdom's Liftshare charges businesses, communities, hospitals, and universities for its lift-sharing services, which have always been provided free to the general publ…

Carpooling Promotion in France

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Jan 25, 2024 14:45 pm
France provides financial incentives to local travel authorities (LTAs), employers and employees to promote carpooling. This case study covers the formative research and early imp…

EV sales are up worldwide: Are incentives working?

Julie Cook Kitchener Dec 5, 2023 20:22 pm
Hi all, Since world leaders are gathered at the UN's Climate Change Conference (COP 28) right now, I thought I'd share some good news related to the adoption of electric vehicle…
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TDM at Seattle Children’s Hospital

Since 1995, Seattle Children’s Hospital has run a trip reduction program designed to reduce the number of employees driving alone to work to just 30% of trips by 2030. In the init…
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