Green Buying: The Influence of Environmental Concern on Consumer Behavior

Mainieri, T., Barnett, E. G., Valdero,T. & Unipan, J. B. (1997). Green buying: The influence of environmental concern on consumer behavior. Journal of Social Psychology, 137, 2, 189-204.

Investigated variables that predict "green buying" (i.e., buying products that are environmentally beneficial). These included awareness about environmental impacts of products, specific environmental beliefs of consumers, several general environmental attitude scales, demographic variables, and several proenvironment behaviors other than buying behavior. A written questionnaire, mailed to randomly selected residents of 8 middle-class communities in the Los Angeles area, was answered by 20 respondents. The results show specific consumer beliefs predicted several green-buying variables as well as general environmental attitudes, whereas general environmental attitudes predicted only one aspect of green buying. Women were significantly higher than men on 2 aspects of green buying and on the environmental attitude scales. Home ownership was positively related to recycling behavior.

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