A Model for Climate TargetOiented Planning and Monitoring of Corporate Travel

Robèrt, M. (2009). A Model for Climate Target Oriented Planning and Monitoring of Corporate Travel. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 3(1), 1-17.

The objectives of this study are to (a) demonstrate the importance and motivation for large private companies taking action against climate change and (b) develop a backcasting-oriented framework for comprehensive and manageable corporate travel policies. The backcasting framework consists of four parts: (1) target description at a conceptual level; (2) mapping of the current status of the company regarding staff travel patterns and preferences, individual and collective emissions, and costs against the targets described; (3) a policy-oriented transformation of the backcasting target; and (4) alternative sets of company policies and strategies that would allow targets to be achieved. A detailed cost-benefit analysis is supplemented by statistical and econometric models that test employee acceptance of the different policy alternatives.

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