Compliance Motivations: Affirmative and Negative Bases

May, P. (2004). Compliance motivations: Affirmative and negative bases. Law & Society Review, 38(1), 41-65. doi:10.1111/j.0023-9216.2004.03801002.x.

This research addresses affirmative and negative motivations for compliance with social and environmental regulations. Affirmative motivations emanate from good intentions and a sense of obligation to comply. Negative motivations arise from fears of the consequences of being found in violation of regulatory requirements. The relevance of these is examined for data concerning the motivations of homebuilders to comply with requirements of building codes. The findings highlight the importance of affirmative motivations for situations such as homebuilding for which regulation is better characterized as fulfillment of a social contract than solely as compliance with enforced directives.

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