Alain Godbout Halifax November 4, 2005

Is anyone aware of effective programs to promote responsible dog-handling in wilderness parks? The key issues are willingness to keep dogs on leash and readiness to 'pick up' after the dog. I'm part of the Committee developing a Management Plan for a large, environmentally sensitive urban wilderness park. Formerly the city's water supply, our Park is now frequented by a great many dog walkers. Few of them are willing to leash their dogs. Some are 'professional' dog-sitters who set a vanload of dogs loose at a time. Few dog walkers of any stripe scoop up their dog's waste. Although dogs are legally required to be restrained in all provincial parks, in practice this is an enforcement issue with some room for tolerance. Promoting responsible dog handling in our park will be a real challenge. I'd appreciate any case histories, success stories or advice.

Alain Godbout,
Secretary Long Lake Provincial Park Association
Halifax, Nova Scotia