Gregory Anderson Fredericton January 13, 2006

The municipal government of Fredericton, NB, Canada enacted a by-law in March of 2004 which diminished government responsibility for the removal of recyclable material from multi-unit dwellings. The responsibility then shifted to the apartment owners, who generally have not provided this service. We are currently developing a program which facilitates the weekly pick-up of refundable beverage containers. This program will yield multiple benefits. It will provide a weekly recycling service for participating apartments. As well this program, by allowing those in need to haul the refundable beverage containers, will generate an income for them and take the onus off the apartment owners. As this is still in the design process any suggestions or comments on the program would be beneficial and greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Shannon Nind
Marc Gathercole
Alisha Nash
Gregory Anderson
St. Thomas University Environmental Psychology Seminar