Roxana Dann Mitzpe Ramon January 16, 2006


The town of Mitzpe Ramon, Israel is a small town, right on the edge of the country's largest nature reserve, the Ramon Crater. The Crater is the largest in the world, and in fact, it has been declared a World Heritage site for preservation, and we definitely support protection. However, we now have a new problem, and I would appreciate any input. The national Nature Reserve Authority has submitted a request to expand the borders of the Reserve right up to the edge of the town, with all the extreme limits of access that are part of any reserve, including things like forbidding any presence after dark, presence of animals, presence of ANY wheeled vehicles (bikes and baby buggies count the same as destructive jeeps and ATVs!). Legally, we (citizens) have to submit our opposition by January 29 to the land authorities. Among other claims, we wish to present the case that local residents are actually the Nature Authority's best friends in protection, preservation, etc. If anybody has any references where this has worked before, I'd love to have them!

Roxana Dann
Mitzpe Ramon Citizens Forum and Israel National Solar Energy Center