Echo Hiebert courtenay January 18, 2006

As a Regional Government on north central Vancouver Island -- we provide recycling services through a system of unstaffed multi material drop-off depots. WE have been doing so for nearly 8 years, servicing a population of around 85,000 with about 30 bins (some newspaper only) distributed throughout 4 municipalities and 8 rural areas. The depots are located primarily on private property, placed deliberately where people shop at malls and grocery stores. The programme is very successful with high use which continues even after two municipalities instituted curbside blue bag recycling accepting the same materials except glass. This collection contract ends Oct 31 and I'm looking for input from similar programme coordinators, particularly dealing with the following issues: -cleanliness (or lack of) at the individual sites -- some very bad and some pretty good. it is the responsibility of the contractor to do this, but they can't be there 24/7. Users have become accustomed to the reality that if they leave garbage and non-recyclables at our depots they will "go away" -- which they do. We "lost" one site because of litter and mess in an area with too few recycling opportunities. In another case we pay someone keep the sites clean because they are even more remote on an island. (unfortunately, due to political constraints it is NOT possible to close that site). We tried a rather extensive anti littering campaign with posters on the bins and large pieces in the local papers and on the radio, but it hasn't made a bit of difference. --bin configuration. How do others configure the bins or does each commodity have a separate bin?

Echo Hiebert

Waste Reduction Coordinator
Regional District of Comox-Strathcona
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