Kylie Climie Mount Gambier February 16, 2006

Hello all,

My name is Kylie and I work with the City of Mount Gambier, South Australia. Just a little bit of background information, the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier (turns brilliant blue between November and March) is the town's water supply. The lake which is a volcanic crater formed about 5000 yrs ago provides a window into the regions unconfined aquifer. The lake is replenished by local rainfall and stormwater (via underground aquifers) from the catchment zone which includes the entire City of Mount Gambier (pop 23,000). The issue I would like some help with is: here at Council we find ourselves in a very exciting and unique time. We are currently redesigning the entire city centre. At present our resident architect has a basic concept of four nodes along the main street each with different themes that are tied together with one common thread (the space is about 10m *5m). In terms of the common thread linking all four nodes we are wanting to embrace what we have here in Mount Gambier, which is lots or rain and as a consequence lots of stormwater (or eventual drinking water). In doing this I wanted to both incorporate water sensitive urban design and modern art to get across the message about sustainable water use and reuse drawing on the fact that we are indeed unique in drinking our stormwater. I know this is a little vague but we have a unique opportunity to use public art or modelling to get across very important messages to both locals and tourists (the blue lake is one of SA main tourist attractions) so if anyone has used street art and interpretative signage to put out an environmental message I would love to hear about them.

Thanks in advance for your time

BAppSci (Hons)
Blue Lake Water Care Officer
City of Mount Gambier
10 Watson Terrace
Mount Gambier SA 5290
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