Kate Phillips London February 20, 2006

On behalf of Defra, Brook Lyndhurst is seeking examples of community level waste projects which are designed to bring about behaviour change, as well as any associated evaluation reports/research. If you are involved in, or know of, any projects or evaluations that you think should be included in this large-scale review for Defra, please get in touch with Eve Chabord (eve.chabord@brooklyndhurst.co.uk).

The scope of the initial review is wide, including not only waste but also domains such as health, education, transport and regeneration. We are interested in community-level projects rather than national campaigns. There will be an opportunity later in the project for stakeholders to discuss the results of the review and comment on a proposed framework for evaluating behaviour change. Further details and project outline Community waste projects are increasingly recognised for their ability to deliver multiple sustainable development objectives. There is a need, however, to both strengthen the evidence base to understand more about the role of community waste projects, and to connect policy support with practice on the ground. Brook Lyndhurst has been commissioned by Defra to carry out a research project that will: *enhance Defra's understanding of community-based behaviour change that can be used by community and other organisations, in a variety of settings, to promote sustainable waste management *connect policy and practice on the ground and establish the "how to..." information that will be essential if good practice is to be transferred and replicated. This study will fill gaps in the current evidence base, especially in relation to information on success factors and impacts, and will develop a "how to Guide" to help new projects replicate the best aspects of community behaviour change initiatives. The first part of the study involves a review of existing community-level projects which are aiming to bring about behaviour change. We will assess the monitoring methodologies adopted, the processes used to deliver behaviour change and, thirdly, the key outcomes.

Kate Phillips
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