Bob Swett Gainesville Mar 15, 2006 8:45 am

CBSM Listserv:

I attended two CBSM workshops in Orlando last week. They were excellent. I am looking for an "expert" (someone with more experience) who is (preferably) located at the University of Florida (or, at least in Florida), who might be interested in participating in a potential pilot project. Scenario: a general permit (State Administrative Rule) is being sought in SW Florida to maintenance dredge boating channels. To mitigate for dredging in some areas, non-combustion engine zones may be established to protect scarred sea grass beds. We feel that some form of education (CBSM) regarding sea grass protection (audience: boaters) is needed and we would like to design a pilot project. Any leads are greatly appreciated (if more information beyond the sketchy details provided above is needed, please let me know).

Bob Swett

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