Zanna Joyce Winnipeg June 15, 2006

One more comment today:

I am wondering if anyone has information on the use of solar panels as an adjunct to regular energy systems in houses. I have a home based office, and in the winter I like to turn down the heat in the house and run a small heater right in my office area, since that is where I am spending my time. I have researched, without success, the possibility of using a small commercially available solar panel to power my little heater (or to otherwise heat by sunlight!). I am wondering if anyone has developed some way of doing this. Also, does anyone have information about the impact of shingle colour choice on energy conservation? A couple of years ago I had to have the roof done, and, while I chose what appeared to be the same colour of shingles as had been, my house never warms up anymore, not even in the middle of summer. I am wondering if there is any product I can put on the shingles which might improve their heat capture. Of course, in the summer it is good, but not so much in the winter.

Zanna in Winnipeg