Caroline_Jackson June 30, 2006

Hello everyone:

We are planning to survey residents who have bought a backyard composter through our municipal subsidy program. We hope to design a short telephone survey (about 5 questions) and collect information on the following:

-How many of those who have bought a composter are still using them, and if not, why not?

-What is the biggest issue or barrier associated with backyard composting that residents are facing (among residents who have purchased a composter), and how do they attempt to overcome it?

-Where do they look for information on how to compost?

-Who looks after the composter in the household?

-Are residents composting yard trimmings, kitchen scraps, or both in their backyard composters?

If anyone has any reports, similar surveys, or advice that they might be willing to share with us, this would be most appreciated.

Caroline Jackson

Community Programs Coordinator
North Shore Recycling Program
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