Alex Montalvo Miami August 1, 2006

Hello listserv community:

I work for a non-profit environmental education organization in Miami FL, involved with urban forestry communication strategies. Currently I am trying to employ Community Based Social Marketing on two fronts: 1) to help prevent the hat-racking of trees 2) to engage homeowners in planting additional trees on their property. Our target demographic resides in Little Havana, a predominately low income Hispanic community particularly averse to planting trees or maintaining trees correctly on the property of their homes. I am in the information-gathering phase of our current effort to build a better program in this neighborhood. Does anyone know of any research performed gauging neighborhood attitudes towards planting trees and/or properly pruning trees? Communication strategies employed to increase tree plantings on private property or to prevent hat-racking? Research performed in low-income and/or Hispanic communities would be particularly helpful, especially example surveys and focus group reports.

Thanks for your input!
Alex Montalvo

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