Lydia Torbicki Thorold January 17, 2007

Hi all;

We are trying to find examples of waste diversion programs which have a demonstrated/documented increase in participation rates (% tonnes captured, kg/hh/yr, etc.) based on targeted communications and education (C&E) based on principles of Mackenzie Mohr's Tools of Behaviour Change. Specifically of interest are the following cases: * getting residents to change behaviours and act by participating in new regional/municipal 3Rs initiatives e.g. multi-residential organics (greencart) collection and recycling collection, etc. * C&E/marketing targeting the 10%-20% (or higher depending on the waste diversion program and municipality) of residents that do not participate in waste diversion programs e.g. curbside organics collection, etc. * Municipal/regional residential 3Rs program that illustrate a relationship between $$ spent on C&E and increased (or better than average) diversion rates. * Examples of positive changes in 3Rs behaviour related to a turning or tipping point or threshold (a small program change or adjustment or C&E message, etc.) Any studies, audits, case studies or program profiles to illustrate the above would be appreciated. If you know of a community that may fit in any of the above cases, please let me know.

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Lydia Torbicki, B.Sc., CET

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