Unknown March 14, 2007


I am new to this listserv and have been working with the San Francisco Department of Public Health- Environmental Health Green Programs to develop a program doing outreach to local restaurants to encourage better environmental compliance and to hook them up with free city services (water and energy conservation audits, composting programs, etc.). I am also promoting the San Francisco Green Business Program and encouraging retaurants to become certified. Right now I am gauging interest in the program's services and also collecting data on restaurant owner's interest in donating their kitchen grease to be converted into bio-diesel. I am interested in kicking off a few outreach campaigns to smaller groups of restaurants. So far I have focused on one neighborhood and tried different approaches: phone calling, going in person. I am working on a letter to send to a group of restaurants and wanting to see how they react to a mailing as well. We are working on other materials, website content, and ideas about a workshop. Has anyone developed a similar program in their community to help restaurants be more green? If you have any leads, contacts, materials, or info please let me know. You can reach me via email at anita.o'shea@sfdph.org and you can also call me directly at 415-252-3813. I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you!
- Anita O'Shea

Green Programs Associate
San Francisco City & County
Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Section