ddanyluk7 March 30, 2007

Hello List serve community,

A short time ago I asked if any of you had any knowledge of sustainable measures to address campus related (faculty) vehicle use. I received several emails and useful links. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! What we ended up doing was a social marketing strategy that targeted faulty at our campus. In a 'tongue-in-cheek' manner my partner and I founded the Problem Driving Institute. A site where faculty can get help with their auto-addiction. We made some posters and some for For Sale posters ( a big truck being sold by a professor who sold his parking spot and bought a bus pass). We also have signs on the road coming into campus and will be placing leaflets on windshields where faculty park informing them that their over-driving is not their fault and there is help. We even declared April 1st - 7th as Problem Driving Awareness Week. We are really getting some hits on the website and our national radio news agency, CBC is interviewing me this Monday morning. They really like the idea of faculty being targeted for their unsustainable driving habits. Just wanted to thank those of you who helped with our engagement strategy and will update the results in a week or so.

Dave from the University of Manitoba
City Planning Dept. and the Problem Driving Institute (PDI)