Tom Bird Waterloo September 17, 2007


I am in the process of refining our CBSM approach to reducing residential pesticide use and would welcome input into developing our focus group discussion guide with garden centre staff. An important part of our approach this season has been to work with local garden centres and hardware stores (Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, etc.) to allow our staff to set up information displays to encourage customers to buy least-use pesticide products.

Additionally, the following materials were left in-store for the season:
information brochures,
tear-off shopping lists for product aisles,
and pocket information cards for store staff.

For examples, please see:

I will be facilitating focus groups with retail store staff to better understand how we can help them to promote pesticide-free products and related tools and materials. I intend to ask about the effectiveness of the materials left behind, how to best have our staff engage their customers, their needs for staff training and how this could be done, the types of concerns normally brought to them by customers, means to address these concerns. If others are involved in a similar program, I would be happy to consider including additional questions in our discussion guide. This should be a valuable opportunity to determine the barriers for retail store staff in providing accurate information to customers. Since store staff are often seen as experts, it will be interesting to explore how to work more effectively with this group. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
Tom Bird,

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