Steven Brant Bryn Mawr September 28, 2007

Dear Friends,

It would appear that Bill Clinton has opened up his program to get people to commit to helping improve the world in whatever ways they can to the larger development community and the public at large. Here's information about the new web-based project The Clinton Global Initiative has launched.


About aims to provide all peopleregardless of age, income or where you livewith the resources to take action and make a real change in their communities and around the world. About seeks to: * Inspire Change. Provide information highlighting some of the worlds biggest challenges, raise awareness and motivate others to take action. * Build Community. Connect people with others who share the same vision for change and help them create networks to put plans into motion. * Facilitate Action. Offer tools for visitors to make commitments to act and track their progress and results. * Strengthen Engagement. Encourage citizen action around American and throughout the world. builds on the success of the Clinton Global Initiative, a project of the Clinton Foundation, which has already inspired more than 600 commitments to action from some of the worlds top thinkers and government and business leaders. Learn more about CGI member commitments. Launched in 2007, reflects President Clintons dedication to promoting citizen service. Throughout his life, President Clinton has met inspiring individuals and organizations taking innovative and unique approaches to solving some of the worlds biggest challenges. These encounters also led him to write his second book, GIVING: How Each of Us Can Change the World, which was released in September 2007.

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