Lisa Murawski santa barbara October 18, 2007

Hi all,

This is not as much fun as "nappies," but I want to know if anyone has recommendations for managing a volunteer program. Traffic Solutions is using CBSM techniques in encourge alternative to driving alone. We've noticed that many alternative transportation users are strong advocates for their chosen mode, and we believe individualized marketing is the best way to persuade people to try alternative transportation. We also don't have a large staff on the ground to do a lot of individulized marketing! Thus, we want to provide a means for alternative transportation "champions" to disseminate information to people they interact with on an ongoing volunteer basis. I'm sure there must be best practices for managing volunteers, for keeping them involved and motivated, recognizing their contributions, etc. There are hundreds of books on the topic and frankly, I'm just looking for some practical advice for how to run a successful program. Any great manual, book, or 10 best tips you can recommend?


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