lbbudd October 26, 2007

I am now in the LA area looking at water use levels. The LADWP informs me they are about to ask the city council for major rate price increases, more tiers. This is in an effort to lower water use. This type of approach has NOT worked in other cities, the LADWP has no outreach programs for the public. The result of this type of program will be much higher water bills but no real reduction in water waste. I hope to appear before the LA city council when the motion is made. I have found several homes using over 200,000 gal per month in the summer, they should be at 15,000. In ALbq. this would be an automatic contact from the water dept. In LA, nothing. Curiously, the MWD for S. Cal and the LADWP appear to have no water conservation field staff. They could cut water waste by millions of gallons per week just by having licensed auditors adjusting controllers. Stay tuned as the rest of the SW US is appalled by LA's water waste.

Laurence budd

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