Billie-Gwen T. Russell Olympia, WA December 13, 2007

The Wa State Parks and Recreation Commission have asked staff to develop a policy that addresses sustainability. Below I have posted the resolution they passed this fall, also (pasted below) is a policy Parks Director signed three year a ago. The older policy basically created a team and a document to use as tool to track some baseline data. The Commission wants a different type of policy - broader and in some way general at the same time. My manager has asked that as Parks Sustainability Coordinator I research other parks systems, states, local governments, non-profits, and profit companies that have created a POLICY about being green, sustainability and using sustainable practices. I have spend a week calling and surfing - to find mostly EPP policies, or Sustainable Development Policy ... also OR and Seattle have Action Plans, CO and GA have environmental action plans, New American Dream and One Planet Living link to many policy - yet none what I need to find as samples. Hopefully CBSM can help. Below are the Commissions words and the current in-house policy that needs to grown. Please send sample policies and suggestions.

Thank you.
Billie-Gwen Russell

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Washington State Parks
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Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission passed a resolution:
The Commission hereby directs staff to develop a plan to make Washington State Parks the leading state park system in the country for sustainability and being green. The plan should include a definition of sustainability, key "green" components and a time line for implementation. The initial plan should be presented to the Commission before year's end in 2008.

POL 35-1 Implementing Sustainability in Washington State Parks
References: Executive Order 02-03 Sustainable Practices by State Agencies;

Executive Order 04-01 Persistent Toxic Chemicals;

Executive Order 05-01 Establishing Sustainability and Efficiency Goals for State Operations;

Centennial 2013 Plan;

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Sustainability Plan
Implementing Sustainability in Washington State Parks
This Policy applies to all employees as well as the facilities and equipment operated by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (WSPRC). The policy is rooted in Legislative direction to all state agencies and by Governor's Executive Orders 02-03 and 05-01. It supports Model Stewardship Parks as directed in the 2005 Director's Contract and the Centennial 2013 Plan. We define sustainable practices to mean actions which meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the next generation to meet future needs.

1.Sustainable Practices Supported By Agency
To support sustainable practices Washington State Parks will pursue the following goals: Use sustainability as a key criterion in its decisions when managing resources and operating its facilities and equipment, and purchasing equipment and supplies; Upgrade and/or replace its facilities and equipment and change management practices, where practical, to conserve energy and water, and otherwise support the agency's long range sustainability goals; Integrate the message of sustainability into interpretive and educational programs and raise awareness in the work place, and Incorporate the goals into program work plans and appropriate staff Performance & Development Plans (PDP).

2.Integrated Sustainability Plans Created
Before July 1, 2009 each park, region, and service center will develop a plan that integrates sustainability into its operation. These Integrated Sustainability Plans (ISP) identify particular practices that will be undertaken to support the agency's goals. The Sustainability Team will manage the development, training, and use of ISP's.

3.Sustainability Team Has Specific Responsibilities
The Sustainability Team endorses, initiates, and promotes practices in support of the agency's long range sustainability goals. Team members will support the Sustainability Plan and Centennial 2013 Plan. They will assist the agency in pursuing the vision defined by the Director in his December 13, 2004 memorandum that established Model Stewardship Parks. The team is to: Advise the Senior Management Team, through the Stewardship Service Center Manager, on sustainable practices, policy, direction, costs and revenue potential, programming, and training; Endorse projects, purchases, and plans consistent with the sustainability goals; Provide recognition and acknowledgement for progress and outstanding projects; Manage the development, training, and use of ISP's; Plan and provide support and training to State Parks staff in pursuit of sustainability goals; Coordinate agency practices with other programs managed by the Governor's Policy Office; Track and respond to elements of the agency's Plan that are reflected in the Centennial 2013 Plan, and Seek partnerships, grants and other funding to enhance practices, and create a process through which parks can request funding and support for project ideas.

4.Sustainability Team Appointed By Senior Managers
Appointment of staff to the Sustainability Team will be made by the appropriate Senior Manager. The term of appointment is for two years. Permanent full-time employees are eligible. The team will be led by the agency's Sustainability Coordinator and comprised of eight other members representing parks, regions, and service centers. Team membership may include: One member from each of the regions and Fort Worden State Park; Two members from the Parks Development Service Center, with one from a Parks Development Service Center regional office, and One member from the Business Development Service Center.