Derrick Mains Scottsdale December 20, 2007

I am currently working on a major oil recycling initative for the U.S. in partnership with the oil industry, trade associations, some of the national collectors and larger retailers. The campaign will be focused around DIY education and will work to increase collection rates of used oil (and eventually filters and bottles) nationally. We are planning to engage DIYers through CBSM methods and our brand is already strongly positioned in the "prompt" arena since we maintain the national database of recycling locations and our trademarked information is on all Exxon Mobil, BP Castrol and soon Valvoline brands in North America. This provides the prompt for DIYers to find local recycling information through our online and hotline resources. One major issue that I am hearing about from Auto Parts Retailers are the problems with "Orphan Oil" and other products being left behind the store after hours. These stores want to collect more oil but in doing so they are setting themselves up for more "Orphan Oil" which can cause major issues. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with the issue of orphan oil and if they could guide me to information about dealing with the issue. Also would love to get more information about successful collection programs that worked in increasing collection among DIYers. Those that are not found on the CBSM site. I am familiar with a lot of the California Research and the UOMA model but other programs stories would be helpful. --

Derrick Mains

VP of Global Energy Reclamation Initiatives
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