Susan Harper Seattle February 13, 2008

I work for the City of Seattle as the Outreach Coordinator for a healthy water campaign called Restore Our Waters. I am in the planning stages to coordinate a public engagement campaign using a web-based "challenge" strategy. For example, Washington State has a health challenge in which you log your healthy activities, like biking, yoga, walking, etc. Seattle is looking at doing the same type of thing around water quality. So, for example, you can join the "otter" team, log on and calculate your "stewardship" by getting points for actions that support healthy water - like not using pesticides, properly maintaining your car and volunteering for a local creek project.

My question is: Does anyone know of research done regarding getting people to sign up to be part of a challenge in general? In a way, the behavior I want to encourage is to get people to join the challenge. The next behavior would be to do one of the activities and log their points. Thanks for any feedback or help on this.


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