Terre Dunivant San Luis Obispo June 6, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Like most of you, I get emails all day asking me to do something for polar bears, wolves, whales, habitat threats... Mostly I click the link and sign the letter, delete and move on. I skim emails from GreenBiz, Grist, Treehugger, Inhabitat, etc. to stay educated about issues and solutions. Occasionally I'm moved to give money, and currently have about 20 active memberships (recent donations): Union of Concerned Scientists, Environmental Defense Fund, Sea Shepherd... not to mention my local environmental groups. It's a lot of emails. Recently came across this Great Turtle Race and find it unique among advocacy efforts I've seen. It's a fun way to get and keep interest, while putting the sea turtle preservation message forward again and again. Your Turtle makes it personal. The race makes it current and exciting. The seafood pledge is a commitment to change behavior, and the rest of the site encourages education and additional action (which helps a person remain consistent with their pledge - stated values).

Join the fun!
Terre Dunivant
Gaia Graphics & Associates

Great Turtle Race Daily Update!

The races for the U.S. presidential nominations may be over, but out in the Pacific things are getting really exciting! Day 4 ended with Billie II heading north and Drexelina bunching up on Stinger's left flipper. Will Drexelina be able to get around her? Where is that race official!?! And what is Mama Tabitha up to? She is making a break around the left of the race, heading up to the top of the Phillippines. Beibei and Jingjing seem to be following her. Is today the day they head East? In the east, Saphira II keeps her lead and is closing in on the tropical Hawaian Islands. J K Turtling and Mastodona seem to be lost in the south. Back at the coast Shelby finally started her run last night, so maybe today she will make some progress and get back in the race. She has a bulldog as a mascot so she is a real strong swimmer. There is still a lot of ocean out there, anything can happen. Friday is fish day for many people. With the weekend coming up people are set to relax and have a nice meal. But be careful! If fish is on your menu, remember that tuna and swordfish are high in mercury. Go to the How Can I Help page and help sea turtles by signing up for the Great Turtle Race Seafood Pledge. Check out the NOAA fish watch guide and Monterrey Bay Aquarium seafood guide before you buy. Give up some of your favorite sea foods to highlight awareness of the problems of sustaining fisheries in the Pacific ocean. Keep checking http://www.greatturtlerace.com/ throughout the day. The site is updated several times a day so you will get the latest on your turtle's progress.