Ben Frost Manchester October 18, 2008

Hi, everyone:

I've been wondering about the proliferation of email taglines that ask people to "consider the environment before printing this email." Considering the methods propounded by CBSM, I have to ask myself if this is the best message-that is, is it the message that will induce people to change their behavior? I've gone through various iterations of similar messages, and I've finally settled, for now, on what you see below. It's about as direct as I could possibly be, without being offensive (e.g. "if you print this, you're a wasteful moron"). I'm from New Hampshire, the heart of Yankee orneriness. People here like to think of themselves as thrifty. To be seen as wasteful here, even in the face of abundance, is a cardinal sin. Partly it's about the environment; partly it's about cost; partly it's about self-image; partly it's about others' perceptions of us. What do you think?

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Reduce waste; print less.