Rick Chenoweth Madison March 24, 2009

University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty Rick Chenoweth and Bret Shaw have launched a new free enewsletter. The enewsletter provides a forum for communication between professionals in the social and natural sciences who share a common interest in promoting pro-environmental behaviors.

The newsletter is multidisciplinary in nature emphasizing theoretically-informed, evidence-based approaches, such as community-based social marketing, that have been found to confer measurable benefits for fostering sustainable behavior. Although the initial geographic focus is Wisconsin, much of the content will be interesting to state, regional and federal government agency personnel, University Cooperative Extension programs, as well as environmental non-profit organizations that seek to promote sustainable behaviors.
Each issue of the newsletter has a feature article, news that is submitted by readers, a brief case study about an environmental communication project that has been implemented and evaluated, executive summaries of research related to environmental communication and a FAQ section where the editors attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about the practical aspects using of conducting social marketing and environmental communication campaigns in Wisconsin. The newsletter is delivered in a Web format, but may be available in print format for those who are interested.

You are invited to take a look at the first two volumes of the newsletter by visiting: http://ecsm.uwex.edu. You can subscribe by going to:

The editors view the newsletters as a work in progress, so your comments or suggestion on how the newsletters might be improved over time are welcome.

Rick Chenoweth
University of Wisconsin-Madison