Ron Jones Olympia March 30, 2009


Im looking for research, studies or information that looks at why residential households might not choose curbside collection of organics for composting over other disposal methods, i.e. backyard composting, landfill, sink garbage disposal or other.

The City of Olympia has a voluntary subscription (fee) based curbside organics (all food waste, food-soiled paper and yard waste) collection program. Waste Studies show there are still significant enough quantities of organic wastes disposed in the landfill to warrant diversion efforts. After enhancing our curbside yard waste program last year to include all food waste we increased the number of customers subscribing to organics, but still have less than 50% of households subscribed. We need to learn what the barriers are for the non-subscribers. Before embarking on focus groups and a professional survey we wanted to conduct a literature search first.

Any information surrounding curbside food waste collection programs and why people dont participate would be greatly appreciated.

Ron  Jones
Sr. Program Specialist
City of Olympia
United States