Lisa Privett Dartmouth April 23, 2009

Halifax Regional Municipality(HRM), which includes Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has identified pockets of infestation by European Fire Ants. HRM has a municipal ban of residental pesticides, and although these ant infestations do not fall under that ban we are trying to find ways to help homeowners and others who are being affected to find sustainable ways to mitigate the spread of these ants as well as enable homeowners to enjoy their yards this summer. If anyone can offer any research or methods that are proven or not we are looking for any and all information that may be available. These ants are causing severe allergic reactions in some with sensitivities and general discomfort with their stings and bites as well when nests or active areas are disturbed. Dogs, cats, children and homeowners affected.

Lisa Privett
Program Officer
Clean Nova Scotia