Gregg Zukowski New York February 28, 2010

Rickshaws, including passenger rickshaws and rickshaw vans, and work trikes and bikes generally have been deployed in more holistically grounded societies such as those found in the Indian subcontinent as well as eastern Asia for many decades. Ironically, as we in the west discover the utility as well as holistic and health benefits of rickshaws, our friends in Asia are being forced by the World Bank et al to margins more than ever.

What's stopping city-based businesses and individuals participating on this list serve from crafting and maintaining rickshaw practices to maximize carbon neutral local logistics, I wonder? Revolution Rickshaws executes rickshaw services in NYC for numerous clients, both corporate and individual. I wonder why more folks don't avail themselves of such useful, holistic, and healthful local organic logistics solutions.

Gregg Zukowski
Managing Director
Revolution Rickshaws LLC
United States