Unknown March 22, 2010

Hi all,

We are in the final stages of a CBSM program for residential energy efficiency in Townsville, Australia, and would love to get in touch with program designers and administrators who've conducted similar programs elsewhere. Our research so far has involved a comprehensive behaviours investigation, behaviour selection, barriers and benefits investigation, as well as focus groups and a survey to validate and prioritise the barriers and benefits. We're also finalising a desktop review of economic instruments, policies and incentives which would help households to undertake the selected behaviours. Being a tropical location, the final selection of behaviours for the pilot program include switching hot water systems; planting trees and plants which shade the home; and painting the roof a light or a reflective colour.

As part of the process of designing the the pilot program, we're hoping to be able to discuss the experiences of similar programs around the world to learn about what has worked and what hasn't. To this end, we're also hoping to make all of our research publicly available to assist the development of similar programs elsewhere.

I would be grateful to hear from any who have had experience with a CBSM program for residential energy efficiency, especially where it might have involved the behaviours we are looking at for this program.

Many thanks,


Angie Reeve
The Natural Edge Project