Jan Aceti Concord April 26, 2010


Has anyone carried out a literature review in order to identify the barriers and benefits that influence whether people:
1. have a home energy audit done, and/or
2. follow through on implementing the energy saving measures that the auditor recommends?

We are particularly interested in follow-through that involves hiring a contractor to carry out weatherization measures such sealing air leaks in the building envelope, insulating some or all of the building envelope and/or doing air duct sealing and insulation. Barriers and benefits associated with upgrading heating and cooling system would also be of interest.

If you haven't done a literature review, but have done focus group or survey research on these topics, we'd be interested in those research results as well. Or, leads on who has conducted this type of research.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jan Aceti
Energy Conservation Coordinator
Concord Municipal Light Plant
United States