Victoria Kramer Columbia May 18, 2010

Our stormwater program is in the process of setting up a stormwater reporting line and web-form for people to report water quality and other stormwater related complaints and developing a campaign to promote its use. I was wondering if anyone knew of any studies or reports that evaluate the effectiveness of a stormwater reporting line campaign (or a pollution reporting line campaign). I imagine some of the measures might include numbers of calls or percentage of people in a survey who knew there was a number. Advice on other measures would also be welcome.

I already have information on the Washington State Department of Ecology's litter hotline as a tangential report. However, I would like to know if there are any reports on reporting lines that are tied to some sort of regulatory/investigative mechanism, reporting lines that focus on pollution issues or reporting lines that focus on stormwater issues.

Just to be clear, I have found plenty of examples of reporting lines. I am looking for examples of how they have been evaluated for effectiveness.

Victoria Kramer
Stormwater Environmental Specialist
City of Columbia - Department of Utilities & Engineering
United States