Mel Tremper rockville July 11, 2010

I read this review in the Internet Scout Report
Smart Growth America [pdf]

The Smart Growth America organization is a "coalition of national, state and
local organizations working to improve the ways we plan and build the towns,
cities and metro areas we call home." To work on these issues, they offer
interested parties a wide range of helpful resources about their work, which
includes planning for public transportation, sensible development plans, and
maintaining open space. Visitors may want to start by checking out their
web-exclusive video series titled "American Makeover". The program looks
into issues like sprawl, sustainable development and so on by profiling
different communities around the United States. Moving on, visitors can use
the "Resources" area to look over recent policy documents created by the
organization, including "Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development
and Climate Change". Also, their blog is both insightful and frequently
updated, and it provides commentary on infrastructure improvements and
economic development programs. [KMG]

Mel Tremper
United States