Leon de Vreede Bridgewater Sep 14, 2010 15:23 pm

Our town is initiating a project to partner with 2-3 small-medium sized business to encourage long-term participation in active transportation modes (walking, cycling, etc). The town program will identify AT-related motivators and barriers for employees and seek to create targeted solutions together with them. Actions / initiatives resulting from the project will be implemented both by the employer (internal / staff solutions) and by the municipality (infrastructure solutions).

I am part of a project team that is designing the initiative but have as of yet not found any examples of a similar joint business/government AT program. In addition, I have found only research relating to specific AT interventions, not more comprehensive programs like this. I am wondering if anyone knows of any similar programs, and, more importantly, research into the effectiveness of said programs. For reference, the closest thing we have found to what we are looking for is called "School Travel Planning" (www.saferoutestoschool.ca/schooltravel.asp) where a municipality works together with students and teachers from a local school to create AT solutions.

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