Tom Walsh Sandringham Nov 8, 2010 22:52 pm

Hi all.

Another project I am involved with at the moment involves tree vandalism. At the moment there is an ongoing issue in sandringham with trees being vandalised as they block views of the bay.

The challenge of this project as I see it is that we need to get people to view trees as an asset. Also to increase peoples awareness of their surroundings should they witness an act of tree vandalism (many wouldn't). In fact it is quite difficult to get the police involved as they view it as a victimless crime, despite the replacement value of trees being around $10k - 20k.

Ideally what I am wanting to create is a community that is aware of the value of their natural surroundings, which should make thenm less likely to vandalise trees, and more likely to report incidents should they occur.

Can anyone help with suggestions on how to achieve this.

Tom Walsh
Environmental Education Officer
Bayside City Council