Maria Carolina Pulido Arlington February 10, 2011

I'm developing a plan for a University program on behavior change related to energy and water conservation. I've read the FSB book and have the following questions about the questionnaire and the sample of a survey: 1) Do we have to develop a questionnaire for each behavior we would like to change? and
2) Does the definition of the sample depends on the number of barriers each behavior have?
In other words, 1) let's suppose we determine at the beginning of the program that there are 8 behaviors we want to change, this would mean that we would develop 8 different questionnaires?
2) If we estimate each behaviors has 4 barriers: Does it mean that if we survey at least 10 participants per barrier as the books suggests(10 participants x 4 barriers x 8 behaviors), we would have to survey 320 participants, meaning 40 participants per questionnaire?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide us,

Maria Carolina Pulido
ECOSOLAM Technical Manager
United States