Ruben Anderson Victoria June 14, 2011 19:01 pm

Does the URL to your recycling resource look something like:
http://www.yourcitynamehere/engineeringservices/solidwasteandrecycling/blueboxschedule.htm ?

Do you see lots of competing URLs that do nothing for the people you are trying to work with? Like ads for the City of Toronto in the Globe and Mail...great for Toronto, but just brain static for the rest of Canada.

Metro Vancouver has developed, a simple map-based tool to get you to your recycling information easily and quickly. Type, click your city and click the link you want--maybe the municipal link or an NGO. is built to fight the hundreds of competing URLs and messages that overwhelm your audience. This one URL can connect every Canadian with the information they need.

So far, the map is populated with the cities of Metro Vancouver, and the capitals of each province. Please visit and Add Your City so the usefulness of the map can grow and grow.

Ruben Anderson
Communications Specialist
Metro Vancouver