Laura Biddulph Northampton August 12, 2011

I would like input on our surveys we will be using to inform our campaign. The "focus group" survey will be offered to a small group of movers and shakers in the neighborhood. The purpose of this survey is to give us a picture of what the demographics of the neighborhood are like and an idea of how these leaders perceive home EE in their homes. As a follow up we will be asking each of these folks to give the abbreviated survey, that only addresses home EE perceptions, to 5 of their neighbors. The sample set will be small (25 - 30) people total, but the neighborhood is only about 275 homes and quite frankly the funders are not interested in using up very many man hours on the research aspect. They are however seeing the benefit of the phase because we keep circling back around to questions that indicate we need to know more about who we are trying to reach. I look forward to your input. Thanks!

Laura Biddulph
Community Outreach Specialist
Center for EcoTechnology
United States