Jeff Mitchell Davis January 17, 2012

We have conducted a written survey of conservation practice adoption here in the Central Valley of CA similar to the sort of effort described in the CBSM workshop we attended and also in the introductory book by Doug McKenzie-Mohr. We now have the data and are attempting to compile it for further analysis and interpretation. Has anyone any tips or suggestions for how to now proceed in terms of the specific statistical analyses that the book briefly describes but doesn't go into much detail with? Has anyone actually used the survey technique coupled with the follow-up statistical analysis presented in the "Fostering Sustainable Behavior" book? Might anyone provide any citable literature links or references that describe in detail the specific statistics and approach to use for conservation practice adoption survey data? We would very much welcome some forum discussion and feedback on this important issue and would greatly appreciate any leads or suggestions folks might share with us.

Thank you.

Jeff Mitchell
Cooperative Extension Cropping Systems Specialist
University of California, Davis
United States